Zoox is developing technology to improve road safety and mobility and to reduce pollution in dense urban environments.

Given U.N. estimates that two-thirds of the world's population will live in mega-cities by 2050, these urban challenges must be addressed. 

To solve them, Zoox is building a fleet of fully autonomous, battery electric, zero-emission vehicles that are purpose-built and optimized for ridesharing in cities.


With a targeted commercial launch in 2020, the Zoox vehicle fleet will be 100% electric.

And while conventional cars sit idle for 96% of their lives, the Zoox fleet model means when you're not using a vehicle, someone else is — dramatically reducing the materials required to meet society’s transportation needs. To date, Zoox has received ~$800 million in capital investment from some of the world's most respected investors. Based in Foster City, CA, more than 500 Zoox employees are working to deliver safe, clean, and enjoyable mobility for the planet.