Workday will set an internal price on carbon emissions 

that will align its investments to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy and continue to provide its customers around the world with a carbon-neutral cloud.


In April 2016, Workday announced its goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2021

across its offices, data centers, and business travel. The company has made progress since then, achieving net-zero carbon emissions across all of its offices and data centers worldwide. This also means that Workday is providing thousands of customers with a carbon-neutral cloud.


Workday continues its commitment to power 100 percent of global operations with renewable electricity,

which it pledged to do in 2008. All of its data centers that run its cloud applications—in both the U.S. and Europe—are powered by 100 percent renewable electricity. Workday also continues to research strategic renewable energy investments such as on-site solar coupled with battery storage at its headquarters, while exploring innovative virtual power purchase agreements that provide clean energy to regional grids where the company has operations.