Together with our global community, WeWork is redefining the way we work, live, and learn. As globally conscious citizens, we believe that WeWork has a responsibility and an opportunity to be a forum for new ideas and a platform for action. Our approach to sustainability examines our impact on cities, communities, and our members through three key pillars: energy, materials, and health. 

We are just getting started and have made the following initial commitments:

Become fully carbon-neutral by 2023.

WeWork is committed to being fully carbon-neutral across our global operations no later than 2023. We believe in sustainable energy and as a global company with locations in more than 23 countries, we have an opportunity to explore new resources in places that will create the most impact.

Remove major single-use plastics from our buildings by the end of 2018.

WeWork is phasing out our use of disposable plastics in our daily operations by the end of this year. That includes cups, straws, utensils and more.

Meat-free commitment.

In July 2018, WeWork announced a commitment to be a meat-free organization, and we no longer serve meat at events or pay for meat in meals sponsored by the company.