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Artificial intelligence has helped industries solve some of the most complex problems, and with the right tools and solutions, it can create an impact not just on the future of cities, but also on the future of the earth. We are committed to transforming the way AI is put into action at a grassroots level to protect, sustain, and nurture our cities and communities.

Tech Mahindra is creating the first ever global AI movement for climate via a new competition,

organized by GCAS and its associate companies that will deliver real solutions for climate action.

The competition will generate a movement for local good, where students from schools and colleges, universities and corporates will participate, collaborate & compete to create AI in action against climate change. The initiative will bring together some of the best minds from all walks of life to conceptualize and create AI solutions to solve climate change issues. Going beyond solutions, it will create awareness of AI and its uses for the betterment of our climate and sustainable future.

We will connect with global climate policy makers and associated organizations for potential AI opportunities. Tech Mahindra will source from the competition entries at least 10 demonstrable AI ideas/solutions for climate action, and ultimately choose one winning idea that can be transformed into a solution for the UN Secretary-General’s 2019 Summit.

In addition, Tech Mahindra commits to achieving carbon neutrality.

Tech Mahindra has adopted a “Science Based Target” to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2050, keeping the base year as 2015, in line with level of de-carbonization required to keep global temperature increase below 2°C compared to pre-industrial temperatures. This includes a goal to achieve a 15% reduction in Scope 1-2 GHG Emissions by 2020-21.

Tech Mahindra is committing to increase the source of renewable power

and with it, aim to catalyze further carbon emission reductions. This includes a goal to ensure that 10% of energy sources are renewables by 2020-21.

Waste management has emerged as one of the high priority issues for Tech Mahindra.

Recycling and composting are the main goals of our waste management plans. To deal with the ever-growing issue of e-waste, we have partnerships with government-approved vendors which offer more opportunities to safely dispose and recycle of used electronics. Moreover, we will be ensuring a 15% reduction in paper consumption by 2020-21, which reduces our paper waste.

Tech Mahindra ‘s supply chain engagement program including its business partners is aimed to improve the environmental performance on a collective basis. We are committed towards involvement of 95% of our key suppliers (based on top market spend) to our Supplier Sustainability Program by 2020-21

Tech Mahindra will become water positive:

Responsible water management is fundamental for companies to ensure long-term resilience and protect future profitability. This includes a commitment to secure a 5% reduction in per capita of fresh-water consumption kl/employee by 2020-21 and to install six rain water harvesting units to be installed by 2020-21