At Slack, sustainability will never simply mean ‘doing less harm’. It will always be an integrative approach of simultaneous improvements in environmental and human well-being. We are committed to making Slack a healthy, vibrant, diverse community of people that engages with its partners, its community neighbours, and the environment in a meaningful way. We seek to foster learning and understanding about environmental and human wellness, and how the two are forever intertwined.

That’s why we are excited to announce our Step Up commitments, that will continue to evolve and grow over time, including:

Become Fully Carbon-Neutral by 2030

Slack is committed to being fully carbon-neutral across our global operations no later than 2030. We believe in sustainable energy and are committed to working with our peers to champion renewable energy in all aspects of our operations, including data center operations.

Eliminate Single-Use Plastics From Buildings by 2030

We will be phasing out the use of disposable plastics in our daily operations, including straws, thin film plastic wrappers, utensils and more.

Support Regenerative and Sustainable Agriculture Through Purchasing  

We are currently revamping vendor standards across our food and beverage supply chain to use our purchasing power to support a food and agriculture system that is regenerative and just for all people, while ensuring zero waste to landfill. Additionally, we invest in our local communities to make sure they have access to the same kind of food that we all deserve, starting with underserved schools in the communities where we work. 

Champion Inclusive Communities

Slack is committed to fostering an environment in which all members or our communities thrive, including supporting underrepresented communities in tech and leading on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.