As a sustainability pioneer in the private sector, 

we have been both an advocate of climate action and investing in research and development of climate solutions.  We understand the urgency for action. We believe leveraging new technology, such as digitalization and 5G, will be fundamental to reduce carbon emissions by half every decade i.e. to meet the Carbon Law. 

  • We have developed a portfolio that is 50% more energy efficient than its predecessor and have set targets to reduce energy consumption with 35% until 2022 (in absolute terms vs. 2016 portfolio) that are approved as Science Based Targets.

  • We have cut our own absolute emissions by 50% (2012-2017) and have set targets to reduce another 35% until 2022 (vs. 2016 level) that are approved as Science Based Targets.

  • We stimulate build-up of a market for clean energy and already buy renewable energy in all countries where it is available (45% of current use) and will continue to request renewables from energy providers globally.

  • We will continue to enable decarbonization of the ICT sector as a main contributor to ongoing international standardization and by provisioning of peer reviewed research on emissions and energy data.

  • We will continue to contribute to reports such as “Exponential Climate Action Roadmap” to demonstrate how technology can be game changer in reduction of carbon emissions.

We have demonstrated solutions that help make it possible and now other companies and policy-makers must join the quest for an exponential growth in adoption of solutions that enable reduction of carbon emissions globally.