akamai technologies


by 2020,

Akamai will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions below 2015 levels by procuring renewable energy to cover 50% of our global network operations including our supply chain data center operations.

We are achieving this by:

  1. Entering into renewable energy virtual power purchase agreements (vPPA) for new projects

  2. Collaborating with other corporate renewable energy buyers to aggregate our purchasing power

  3. Encouraging our data center suppliers to renewable energy-power their facilities

  4. Siting our network operations in regions with cleaner electricity grids, where we have siting flexibility

To date, Akamai has signed three vPPA’s, whose project generation is expected to represent 23% of projected global network energy consumption in 2020. Two of the projects involved a corporate-buyer aggregation collaboration with Apple, Etsy and Swiss Re.


As part of our data center supply chain initiative,

Akamai is a member of the Businesses for Social Responsibility’s Future of Internet Power working group and the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance.

In 2017, Akamai’s colocation data center supply chain procured renewable energy that equaled more than 10% of Akamai’s global network energy consumption.